Cypress MTB Tuesday R.A.C.E. series - Week 1

Distance based event from BLMTB.

March 9, 2022, 10 p.m. to March 12, 2022, 1 a.m.

Ride at least 1 miles to qualify to win.

Cypress MTB Tuesday R.A.C.E. series (stands for Really Awesome Collective Experience) is a 3-event competitive supported group ride series occurring Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays with the first ride being March 9th, 2022.
The Events will be based on Strava segments showcasing different parts of the Bridgeland (BLMTB) trail system and all groups that want to be considered will need to meet the requirements detailed below to enter.
It will include a "fudge factor" (TBD on how much) for timed classes as Strava is only so accurate, so there may be multiple "winners" for each group class. If you are looking for a super competitive UCI event, this isn't it. This is about encouraging people to have fun in groups on the trails we have worked hard to build because MTB is supposed to be about fun.
All proceeds will go to support the BLMTB Trail maintenance fund (90%) and our local kids NICA MTB team (Coyotes Composite - 10%).
Each Experience is $20 per rider OR $60 for all 3 per rider. Riders must register individually. If you register for all 3 events together you'll get the sickest MTB event T-shirt ever for FREE!!! If you opt to pay as you go the T-shirts will be $25 and you won't be guaranteed a T-shirt in the size you need. Shirts will be given out/available for sale at the last experience event 3/23/22.
When & Where:
Experience will run from Wednesday 4PM to Friday at 7PM starting on 3/9/22, 3/15/22, and 3/30/22. You can ride the segment with your group as many times as you want as long as your group rides START inside the window of each experience. The segments and location of support will be marked and shared in advance as we close in on each of the events. If the trails are closed/wet we will move weeks as needed, but it will always be Wednesday start Friday end.
*How does the event last until Friday?? - Because it is Strava based you can opt to not ride during the supported times (maybe your work/school schedule doesn't allow) and still participate in the event since the Strava time window will be open and recording.
*BL trails are open to all BL residents and you do not need to purchase a ticket to ride your trails. Tickets are required to join the event and be a part of the fun.
All Group Members must sign up on Eventbrite and pay.
Send the group you intend to do ALL THREE events to
Include names and what class you are participating in.
Have every one of the group on Strava and record your ride during the established window of Wednesday 4PM to Friday 7PM. If your name on Strava and Eventbrite isn't the same/similar you may not be counted.
Take a pic before, during or after of the whole group with their bikes and include in one or all of the Stravas of that group.


Support BLMTB by joining the Cypress MTB Tuesday R.A.C.E. series - Week 1 event!


Position Athlete Distance
1 17.48 miles
2 16.93 miles
3 15.80 miles
4 15.14 miles
5 14.51 miles
6 10.93 miles
7 10.03 miles
8 8.96 miles
9 8.10 miles
10 7.00 miles
11 5.87 miles
12 4.53 miles
13 2.18 miles