LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah (Distance)

Distance based event from PAS.

May 1, 2022, 4:01 a.m. to June 1, 2022, 3:59 a.m.

Ride at least 1 miles to qualify to win.

LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah is an official fundraising event for Pisgah Area SORBA of Brevard, NC.
The Event is based on Strava segments within the geofenced area of the Pisgah National Forest and Bent Creek Experimental Forest between Brevard and Asheville, NC.
There is no official timing for this virtual event. Participation is based on the unique Trailcare geolocation tool tracking participants' activities within the geofence and keeping a record of the distance every participant completed during the entire month of May. It is therefore in essence a distance-based event, but it also keeps track of each participant's donations (after each activity) throughout the month. At the end of the event, it will display a leaderboard of all the donations pledged to PAS. Donations are determined by multiplying the total miles completed x the amount pledged per mile. (Don't worry Trailcare does this on the fly!)
All proceeds will go to support the PAS trail maintenance fund and its myriad advocacy activities in Western North Carolina.
LuvTrails Events are free for all participants. It is free to register or sign up at The only "cost" to participants is the pledge of their choice they make to donate per mile to PAS when they sign up. It could be anything from 1c to $100 or more per mile, depending on their ability to donate. The value can also be adjusted at any time during the event according to the participant's circumstances. Of course, we would love to see people start at a fairly generous amount, and if they get too excited and ride more than they bargained for, reduce it after a week or two if needed. It could of course also work the other way round. You might start too conservative and see your buddies are way more generous with their contributions and you then turn up the pledge halfway through the month!
In order to participate, you have to register at Follow five easy steps. Click here for a SETUP-guide.
IMPORTANT: You have to tick the box in the setup process (Step 2) that authorizes Strava to share your activity data (not personal data) with Trailcare during the event.
For all the information about the event go to

Support PAS by joining the LuvTrails Challenge - Pisgah (Distance) event!


Position Athlete Distance
1 374.83 miles
2 252.68 miles
3 228.26 miles
4 149.48 miles
5 147.87 miles
6 122.99 miles
7 114.33 miles
8 106.22 miles
9 105.16 miles
10 98.80 miles
11 91.44 miles
12 80.89 miles
13 80.58 miles
14 74.43 miles
15 70.85 miles
16 69.60 miles
17 58.93 miles
18 56.52 miles
19 55.48 miles
20 54.67 miles
21 49.56 miles
22 49.49 miles
23 47.50 miles
24 45.51 miles
25 39.48 miles
26 37.99 miles
27 33.48 miles
28 32.69 miles
29 30.31 miles
30 28.82 miles
31 26.27 miles
32 21.71 miles
33 19.84 miles
34 15.20 miles
35 13.97 miles
36 12.36 miles
37 12.13 miles
38 11.23 miles
39 8.08 miles
40 8.04 miles
41 6.58 miles
42 4.20 miles
43 3.54 miles
44 2.84 miles
45 2.55 miles
46 1.79 miles