Support the trails you ride by riding them.

Connect now with Strava to get started.

LuvTrails Trail Care makes it super easy for Strava users to support the trails they ride with per-mile donations.

1. Connect with Strava

No extra apps or accounts. Keep using Strava like you normally would. Now you'll feel better about more than just crushing KOMs.

2.Hit the trails!

Hike, bike or run some trails! We'll use your Strava activity to detect if you rode in an area maintained by any participating trail organizations.

3. Check your email

We'll email you a link so you can optionally chose to donate to any trail organizations we detected during your activity. Enjoy the trail karma

So far, Trail Care riders have raised $28,855 with 124,503 miles for trail advocacy.

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Trail Care strives to support the people that build, maintain and advocate for our favorite trails. All proceeds go directly to trail groups - join us in ensuring the stoke level stays high for generations to come.


Myco Remke

Do you ever just get down on your knees and thank God that you know me and have access to my dementia? @ FBO

Daniel Jessee

Dadgummit you just assassinated a tree. @ G5TC

🇲🇽 Martin Coronado

Evening Ride @ BLMTB

Kamala Slight

Morning Ride @ SDMBA

Stacey Vaughan 🚲

Beer ride @ PAS

rob noti

"I might have even born yesterday, sir, but I stayed up all night." @ PAS