Tools for Admins

Trail Care admins (those representing the organizations on Trail Care) are provided with a variety of tools accessible from their account. Admins have full control of the presentation of their organization profile on the list of organizations as well as tools that give them insight into the donation activity and statistics.

The organization map is a central feature of Trail Care. It defines the boundaries of an organization's stewardship. That is, if any or all of a Trail Care user's ride is within one of these boundaries, they are asked whether or not they'd like to donate. Admins are able to modify their map as boundaries change and new areas are added:


Trail care admins can change the text that makes up their donation emails. This allows trail organizations to provide a personalized message, with additional information if desired.

Email Text

It is important for an admin to have insight into the donation activity of their organization and Trail Care makes it easy to see this information at a glance. Admins are also able to export their donation history to a spreadsheet for use in other applications, accounting software, etc.


Looking to reward your top givers? Trail Care allows you to view donors by total amount donated over all time or by any time range. This is a convenient way to run contests or just to send notes to those you'd like to thank.

top donors

For finer grained control over payment details, payout schedule, and other financial aspects, Trail Care delegates to Stripe. Stripe is a payment processor with a proven track record for reliability and security.


Trail Care wants to make it's service as easy as possible for everyone to use. If you have any suggestions, feedback, or concerns don't hesitate to contact us.