Join Trail Care as an organization

Joining Trail Care means giving trail users an easy and fun way to donate to your organization. We believe that micro-donations directly tied to use (i.e after a ride or run) are a superior, or at least alternative, model to the traditional methods of mailing checks or finding obscure PayPal buttons on seldom visited websites.

When a trail user signs up for Trail Care, they enter payment details once and never again. When they finish an activity on your trails, they receive an email and are presented with a single button they can press to make a donation (based on their cents/mile amount). It's easy, and since it's tied directly to an activity, hopefully more rewarding for the user as well.

This method has the added benefit of reaching out-of-towners. If a Trail Care user goes on vacation to ride somewhere new that has a trail organization signed up, they'll get an email asking if they'd like to donate there, too.

Signing up is free and there are no extra fees besides those charged per donation by Stripe, the payment processor we use. For those already using PayPal, this should be familiar.

You may also want to check out some of the helpful tools available to you as an admin of a Trail Care oganization.

Sound good? Read on.

Ready to join?

Great! The process is pretty simple. First, contact us at and let us know who you are, which organization you represent, and that you'd like to join Trail Care.

We'll need some kind of proof that you represent the organization you'd like to add. An email address with the domain of your org's website is sufficient. If you don't have one, we can discuss alternatives.

Once that's done, we'll email you instructions on how to complete your organization's profile using an online form. You'll need the following information:

  1. The organization's full name and where it's based.
  2. A logo.
  3. A short description about the organization, your mission statement, etc.
  4. A map (mental or physical) of the area you are stewards for.

Here is an example profile for Santa Barbara Mountain Trail Volunteers.

Once you've completed your profile, let us know, and we'll review and activate it. That's it!

Spread the word

Do you know an organization that might be interested in joining Trail Care? Let them know, the more the merrier!

We are interested in networking with not only trail organizations, but local bike shops, retailers, and tour companies too. Please reach out to us at