LuvTrails SORBA Challenge (Donation)

Donation based event from TCMBA.

April 10, 2023, 4 a.m. to June 1, 2023, 4 a.m.

Donate $5 to qualify to win.

The LuvTrails SORBA Challenge - powered by the Strava-linked Trailcare donation application - begins at midnight on April 10th, 2023, and ends at midnight on May 31st, 2023. There are two categories of competition:
1. Top Donor: The individual with the highest amount of donations (cumulatively) to SORBA Chapters throughout the Challenge period will win a fork from Fox Factory.
2. Most Miles: The individual with the most miles on listed SORBA trails throughout the Challenge period will win a jersey from Cognative MTB.
All money donated during the Challenge will go to the SORBA chapters that are registered with LuvTrails-Trailcare.
How to participate:
- Any trail user (mountain biker, gravel rider, runner, hiker, walker, etc) can register at by linking a Strava account and pledging an amount per mile to donate to a SORBA Chapter and linking a debit/credit card for payment. Registration is free.
- Once you have registered you record your activity on a GPS device (as long as it is synced with Strava) and check your email inbox for a Trailcare notification which will inform you how many miles you were active on a SORBA-maintained trail(s). Based on your per-mile pledge Trailcare will suggest a donation amount to the relevant SORBA Chapter.
- The user has to approve the donation by clicking on a link in the email, or can simply ignore it and not contribute anything.
- Once you have donated at least $5 to any SORBA Chapter your name will appear on the Top Donor leaderboard below. Follow your and other trail users' progress on the board throughout the Challenge. It is a live list that automatically updates as data is received by Trailcare.
The winners* of the category prizes will be announced in June 2023. The decision of the management of LuvTrails-Trailcare Events is final.
For more information on the Rules, Eligibility, Prizes, and Leaderboards of the Challenge go to
* Employees and contractors of LuvTrails-Trailcare are not eligible for prizes.

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Fox Factory MTB Fork (of your choice!)

Any Fox Factory Fork of your choice (excluding Electronic and 40 Series) as listed at (The fork in the picture may not resemble your choice of product).
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