Marin, CA

Access4Bikes has a clear mission: to motivate and empower Marin mountain bikers to act in their own self-interest, to get fair and reasonable access to our public trails and to preserve the experience of trail riding for future generations. We are happy and willing to lead the way in trail stewardship and environmental protection with our growing demographic and enthusiastic volunteer corps.

Top donors for August

None yet 😞

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
Bob and Weave 2 $0.08
Goldman & Serpentine CW 2 $0.11
Serpentine Climb (bridge to fire road) 2 $0.12
Short fire road downhill 2 $0.02
Short Wagon Wheel UH 2 $0.02
Bridge UH 2 $0.17
Broken Dam Bridge to Goldman 2 $0.24
DH - From bottom of Flow to Bridge 2 $0.09
Tamarancho Rock Garden 2 $0.07
B-17 last DH 2 $0.07

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