Boone Area Cyclists
Boone, NC

Boone Area Cyclists (BAC) is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt organization located in the heart of NC High Country. Organized in September 2009, we are the stewards of Rocky Knob Park and a club for cyclists of all ages, abilities, and styles of riding โ€” commuters, mountain bikers, road cyclists, leisure riders, and anyone else who just likes to ride bikes. We exist to empower the bike community through advocacy, partnership, and stewardship.

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Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
2019 ASU Short Track 7 $0.07
Blue Ridge 1 $0.01
Donโ€™t Rock The Boat Bailout DH 1 $0.06
New Boss into rock the boat big DH 1 $0.04
Ole Hoss Climb to Top 1 $0.02
Ol' Hoss & Boat Rock 1 $0.13
Parking Lot to Top of PBJ (via Rocky Branch) 1 $0.10
Power Line Hill 1 $0.01
Power line to old hoss summit 1 $0.15
Rocky Branch Climb 1 $0.04