Bike Fort Collins
Fort Collins, Colorado

We are a Northern Colorado-based bicycle nonprofit advocacy organization dedicated to bicycling and other active modes of transportation. Bike Fort Collins’ mission is to increase participation in active transportation and advance bicycle culture and policy changes, creating safer streets and communities, while also creating an inclusive and empowering culture for all bicyclists, regardless of ability or identity.
Bike to Work Day:
On 22 September 2020, we celebrate Bike to Work Day, a City of Fort Collins hosted event. This hugely popular event is celebrated twice a year: Once each summer in June, in conjunction with Colorado Bike Month, and again in the winter on the second Tuesday of December, as a great reason to ride your bike in, sometimes, frigid temperatures. Independent of the season, this event entails just what it says, riding your bike to work. Except on this day it includes 25-60 bike station sponsors spread throughout the city’s low-stress network of bikeways and bike trails, providing everything from food, drink, music, fun, and camaraderie as you make your way to work.

Top donors for October

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
The Linty Navel 4 $0.00
Edora Park Westbound 4 $0.23
Jakson's Knoll 3 $0.00
Tunnel to Shields 3 $0.00
Tunnel to Taft 3 $0.00
Bridge-to-Taft Hill Rd, Poudre Trail 3 $0.00
Mason Trail 3 $0.00
Poudre Trail; Shields to Overland 3 $0.00
Howes Hustle 3 $0.00
Poudre Trail Museum to Laporte 3 $0.00

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