MTB Gwinnett
Gwinnett County, GA

MTB Gwinnett is the Gwinnett County, GA chapter of SORBA and was founded as a non-profit trail organization in August 2005. GATR focuses on promoting the use of Gwinnett County Parks multi-use and mountain bike trails; providing volunteer support for developing and maintaining multi-use trails and mountain bike trails; building positive relationships between mountain bikers and all members of the community; and promoting a healthy lifestyle for resident through involvement in mountain biking.

Top donors for October

None yet 😞

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
short surprise 4 $0.00
Old School Taco Stand DH 3 $0.00
Bottom to Top 2 $0.00
Claymation Uphill 2 $0.00
Creek to Ten Step sprint 2 $0.00
Down Ricks Revenge 2 $0.00
down to the first split 2 $0.00
Long Downhill to Lake 2 $0.00
Property Line Downhill 2 $0.00
Property line limb-creek to gravel road 2 $0.00

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