Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association
Anniston, Alabama

NEABA is a non-profit organization created to promote cycling in the Northeast Alabama area. It welcomes all types of biking enthusiasts, whether your passion is flowing down sweet singletrack, gliding down the road on skinny tires, or just cruising down a greenway trail. NEABA exists to promote the healthy benefits of all types of cycling by planning and sponsoring quality cycling-related events and by encouraging both recreational cycling and cycling as a viable means of transportation.

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Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
When was the last time you worked on YOUR trails? 6 $0.07
Coldwater Mountain: Momma Bear 5 $0.00
Momma Bear Downhill Only 5 $0.00
3 Mile Climb Poppa ends to Talladega Start 5 $0.29
Have you attended a work day recently? 4 $0.00
Lower Tortoise (LHT to Q) 4 $0.00
SRAM Hub to LTH 4 $0.00
Cassidy (F to G) 4 $0.29
Poppabear shortcut back to UTH 3 $0.00
Bullwinkle 3 $0.00