Overland Mountain Bike Association
Fort Collins, Colorado

OMBA promotes the active, healthy sport of mountain biking in the Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming region by providing education and assistance to all trail users, and by working to build and maintain quality, sustainable trails that enhance the mountain biking experience.

Top donors for September

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
Ignoramus Climb 3 $0.08
Albert's - El Alto to Crow Cr. 3 $0.21
Gold Watch - the fun way 3 $0.28
Albert's Climb to El Alto 2 $0.14
Lower Timber Up 2 $0.00
Pinball To Temple Climb 2 $0.17
pre-gaming 2 $0.18
Red Cedar Dr Climb 2 $0.00
Lower Timber Up and Kimmons Down 2 $0.00
2% (east to west) 2 $0.08

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