Rails-to-Trails Conservancy
Washington DC

Picture yourself … pedaling across the entire country on a safe, seamless, and scenic pathway—or walking a local trail that connects along historic routes. Imagine the incomparable experience of exploring America’s heritage by trail—its potential, its beauty and bounty, its people, and places. Consider the economic opportunities and the benefits for communities along the route of a multi-use trail that stretches more than 3,700 miles between Washington and Washington. The Great American Rail-Trail will stand alongside our country’s iconic landmarks as a national treasure. You can help by making a donation to RTC to make it possible to complete the Great American Rail-Trail.

Top donors for September

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
Great Falls Final Kick 11 $0.16
Post Angler's Hill Falls to Oaklyn 11 $0.20
GF Climb 2nd Pitch 11 $0.44
Great Falls Road Climb 11 $0.92
last punch and a half 11 $0.44
Great Falls to Legion climb 11 $0.60
falls road sprint 9 $0.12
River Road to CO Canal 7 $0.24
Bridge Segment Eastbound 7 $0.04
Great Falls to Potomac 7 $1.36

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