LuvTrails-Trailblazers April Challenge (Top Donor)

Donation based event from TRAILBLAZERS.

April 1, 2023, 6:01 a.m. to May 1, 2023, 5:59 a.m.

Donate $5 to qualify to win.

We.are.trailblazers hosts a challenge during April with our Trail Adoption Program (TAP) and LuvTrails-Trailcare. The event is powered by Trailcare, the Strava-linked per-mile donation tool. All donations with the Trailcare app help fund our TAP, from the gas for the weedeaters to water for Trail Luv Days.

BISON BIKES, one of our newest trail adopters in the Little Sugar trail system in The City of Bella Vista, has donated a SE Blocks 26" Flyer BMX bike and helmet to the trail user (rider, runner, hiker, walker, or a one-wheeler) who contributes the most amount of money during April.
LUVTRAILS-TRAILCARE and their national rewards partner COGNATIVE MTB have pledged a number of cool "rewards" for donors randomly selected from the final Top Donor list at the end of April. Those prizes will be listed here during April. So come back to see what reward you can get for your good deed.
RANDOM DRAW: There is a long list of other rewards for qualifying participants on the Top Donor and Top Miles leaderboards. Names will be randomly selected and the winners will be announced in May. See the list of all the Challenge prizes/rewards on the LuvTrails Events website at

It's easy to participate. If you don't use Trailcare for donations yet, go to and sign up. It's free! Link a Strava account (or sync your favorite GPS device with Strava's standard free account) and pledge a donation amount per mile. Then go ride, run, walk, or whatever activity you love to do on any of the Bentonville, Bella Vista, or Rogers trails. Record your activity and leave the rest to Trailcare.
Afterward, you will receive an email asking for your approval to donate an amount to TAP based on your pledge per mile. And remember to come back to this page to check out the live Top Donor Leaderboard below.* You can see how you and your friends rank on the donation list. It's easy, fun, and very rewarding. Promise. Let the fun begin! See y'all on the trails!

For more information on how to sign up and donate with Trailcare, go to

* In order to have your name ranked on the Leaderboard you have to donate at least $5 (cumulatively) to TAP. Every small donation eventually adds up to $5 and more.

Support TRAILBLAZERS by joining the LuvTrails-Trailblazers April Challenge (Top Donor) event!


Top Donor Prize

SE BIKES BLOCKS FLYER 26" BMX BIKE - This is the bike to have if you want to raise it up with the crew and catch some blocks. The Blocks Flyer frame comes equipped with an internal headset and mid-bottom bracket. The 26” x 2.4” Bozack tires ride smooth and provide super traction for those swerves. If you want to be all about that SE bike life, you need to be riding the Blocks Flyer!

Second Prize - Cognative MTB Hat & Sticker Kit

GO RIDE YOUR BIKE - Flexfit Hat (three options) plus a really cool Cognative Logo Sticker Kit for your bike, truck, car or trailer. Did we mention your bar counter or your baby's jogging stroller?

Third Prize - Funky Oil Slick MTB Mudguard

Keep your most valued and loved possession (your bike....) clean from mud, spray, and muck, and look cool doing it! This product is: - Made in the USA - Full Color UV Graphics - Thicker and more robust than the competition - 50% post-consumable plastic.