Columbia County Mountain Bike Alliance
Columbia County, New York

CCMBA was founded in 2010 with the goal of creating and maintaining mountain bike resources in Columbia County, New York. The trails we construct and maintain provide a framework to build a local mountain bike culture and to host bike-related events.
Your support goes directly to cover the costs of building and maintaining these trails.

Top donors for September

Most popular segments in the last month

Segment Times Ridden Donations Generated
Green River mini DH 2 $0.09
alter ego DH 2 $0.13
Bear Bridge Down 2 $0.04
harvey mt summit DH 2 $0.19
LSD-down 2 $0.09
Salsa Verde Frio 2 $0.14
Salsa Verde Mild 2 $0.06
Shelter Down 2 $0.00
Solitude up from Green Bridge 2 $0.13
Ninja Up (who put that big #$&! rock in my way?) 2 $0.18

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